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Unforgettable Gift Experiences


What is TADAH?

It’s a life experience gift platform, where you can buy any kind of experience as a gift. It’s easy, personalized, fast and within your budget! Say Bye Bye to boring Gifts!

Who is XJ?

XJ means eXperience Jockey. It's the person who presents the gift experience to the giftees.

Who is Giftee?

The Giftee is the person who will receive the gift experience from the Gifter.

Who is Gifter?

The Gifter is the person who purchases the gift experience for the Giftee.

What is E-Grant?

Instead of using the old-style gift box, we use modern E-Grant. It's an electronic version of the gift certificate that is automatically emailed to the Giftee.

Does TADAH have any physical/material gift product?

None–it's full life experiences that are more memorable than physical products.

How can I send TADAH gift to someone?

Simple visit tadah.ph and choose the gift experience that you like. Provide the name, contact information, address of your Giftee. TADAH will do the rest for you and let your giftee receives an unforgettable gift experience from you.

Can I buy TADAH gift for myself?

Yes! It’s healthy to give yourself a gift. Simply choose any gift experience you like, provide your information and enjoy your unforgettable life experience!

Do I need to create an account before purchase?

No need but you'll have the option to create your account.

How to claim/use the gift E-Grant?

There are 2 kinds of E-Grant:

With Scheduling Calendar: Once you received E-Grant you will simply click the button "Schedule Your Experience" once you click, it will automatically accept your experience and appear in your personal cabinet on the TADAH platform. All you need to do is just schedule your gift experience in Scheduling Calendar.

Without Schedule Calendar: You will receive your E-Grant with contact information of your XJ and a gift code. You simply need to contact your XJ to set the day and time to enjoy your gift experience. Please don't forget to provide your gift code to you XJ.

Can I buy in bulk and send to multiple recipients?

Yes you can, just simply email us at brosupport@tadah.ph, and will be happy to assist you

How long is the delivery of the actual E-Grant?

What's more magical is you can book the exact date and time that you want your gift to be received.

Can I personalize my message greetings?

Yes, you can create and send your personal greeting message.